Contributing to prevention, preparedness and response to environmental and other emergencies, accidents and search and rescue

EPPR updates

The Changing Tides of Arctic Shipping: How New Fuels Impact The Arctic

The Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) ban in Arctic waters comes into effect 1 July 2024.However, new fuels in use because of tightening regulations could have a far worse environment...
01 Jul 2024

Save The Date: Arctic Emergency Management Conference

The first-of-its-kind Arctic Emergency Management Conference will take place in Bodø, Norway from 18-20 March 2025
28 May 2024

Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Arctic Notification Exercise and Appendix IV Operational Guidelines update 2023

The aim of 2024 exercise of the Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Pollution, Preparedness and Response in the Arctic (MOSPA) was to strengthen cooperation, coordination,...
15 May 2024
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Ongoing projects

Arctic Marine Risk Assessment Guideline

Identifying a Need for a Common Approach to Marine Risk Assessments

Prevention, Preparedness and Response in Small Communities

Better Understanding of Preparedness and Risk Exposure in Small and Remote Communities

Circumpolar Wildland Fire Project

Circumpolar Coordination on Wildfire Prevention, Preparedness and Response

New Low-Sulphur Fuels - Fate and Behavior in Cold Water Conditions

Knowledge on New Low-Sulphur Fuels in the Arctic


Promoting Cooperation in Maritime Emergencies Potentially Releasing Radioactive Substances