Marine Environmental Response

Marine Environmental Response Expert Group

The Marine Environmental Response Experts Group, MER EG, was established in 2016. The focus of the MER EG work is on promoting the implementation of EPPR initiatives specific to the MOSPA Agreement, maintaining the Operational Guidelines of the MOSPA Agreement, and other initiatives and projects related to the core theme of marine environmental response approved by the EPPR.

The main areas of work

  • Assessing outcomes from MOSPA exercises to develop corrective actions and recommendations to promote continuous improvement of the MOSPA Agreement and its Operational Guidelines
  • Making recommendations for future exercises, workshops, and training focus areas based upon the assessment of lessons learned and best practices from previous events
  • Coordinating with academia specific to Arctic MER, and creating alignment with other relevant fora and Working Groups’ initiatives
  • Participating in various activities and projects specific to its roles and responsibilities

EPPR accomplishes many of its objectives through the implementation of the Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Arctic, MOSPA, and its Appendix IV: Operational Guidelines.

Operational Guidelines address:

  • Procedures for notification and request for assistance
  • Command and control in response operations
  • Joint training and exercises
  • Administrative issues and other recommended measures to facilitate an effective cooperative oil pollution incident response

MER EG Mandate

Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Arctic

MER EG Chair Dan Cowan
Environmental Response Directorate, Canadian Coast Guard
“The objective of the MOSPA Agreement is to strengthen cooperation, coordination, and mutual assistance among the Parties on oil pollution preparedness and response in the Arctic in order to protect the marine environment from pollution by oil”

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