eppr - Two EPPR Webinars Coming Up Next Week

Two EPPR Webinars Coming Up Next Week

24 April 2020
EPPR is hosting webinars on COSRVA and Arctic Marine Risk Assessment next week.

In 2017, EPPR commissioned the Circumpolar Oil Spill Response Viability Analysis (COSRVA) to better understand how often weather and sea conditions around the circumpolar Arctic may hinder or impede marine oil spill response systems.

In a Phase II of the COSRVA project, EPPR made the results of the original study available via an online portal. This portal allows users to explore the COSRVA results for a particular location or region. At the same time, the dataset used for weather and sea conditions was updated to the latest version.

Register and join the COSRVA webinar on Monday 27 April at 10-11 CET or 19-20 CET.

The EPPR project Guideline for Arctic Marine Risk Assessment was recently finalized and a webinar presenting the Guideline solution and summarizing the project is being organized. Lear more about the Risk Assessment project on it's project page and in a recent article.

Register and join the Arctic Marine Risk Assessment Guideline webinar on Wednesday 29 April at 14-15 CET.

Both webinars are organized in cooperation by EPPR, Norwegian Coastal Administration and DNV GL.