Could expedition cruise vessels be an oil spill response asset in the Arctic?

The NEPTUNE projects aims at investigating if expedition cruise vessels could be utilized as a resource in oil spill preparedness and response in the Arctic. Project is conducted by

  • Mapping present oil spill equipment onboard expedition cruise vessels sailing in the Arctic
  • Investigating how to better utilize these vessesls in oil spill preparedness and response, and what are the obstacles and opportunities
  • Investigating how to collect and share information about oils spill equipment available on expedition cruise vessels
  • Conducting a pilot oil spill response exercise on expedition cruise vessels and developing recommendations for exercises
  • Compiling a report of the findings

As a result of the project, Arctic oil spill preparedness and response is potentially enhanced, for example by

  • Stonger collaboration between oil spill authorities, responders and expedition cruise industry
  • Exploring potential ways to have expedition cruise vessels as a part of collective oil spill preparedness and response
  • Use the project as a base for further collaboration and development

The project is co-led by Norway and the United States of America, in cooperation with the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators AECO.

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